How is content on this web site categorized?

A categorization system has been developed for this web site for the major user-initiated node types (blogs, books, and web links). Categorization is a fundamental tool of both system decomposition and synthesis, and thus is important to support conceptually and through underlying tools.

Categorization is performed by defining a taxonomy. The taxonomy features of the site allow administrators to define vocabularies (sets of categories) which are used to classify the node-specific content located on the site. These vocabularies support hierarchical classification and associations between terms, and thus allow for truly flexible information retrieval and classification. The taxonomy features allow multiple lists of categories for classification (controlled vocabularies) and offers the possibility of creating thesauri (controlled vocabularies that indicate the relationship of terms) and taxonomies (controlled vocabularies where relationships are indicated hierarchically).

The primary content of the site has been categorized into a standardized taxonomy which allows browsing to other related content by clicking on the vocabulary term. The taxonomy itself and the associated terms which fit within that taxonomy can be browsed by following this link. To request additions to or changes to this taxonomy, write a change request.