What are content partners, how are they selected, and how is their information managed?

Content partners are external web sites (typically, blogs) that publish information via RSS feeds that is available to this site. This site maintains a list of these partners via this link, and input syndicated by them is aggregated on a periodic basis and incorporated into this site as postings which are accessible via a block accessible from the home page. It is expected that this list of partners will be dynamic over time, and partners which do not have content that is within the scope of this site, or is rated sufficiently high by users, will be removed from this list, along with their content.

New content can be proposed by users via a change request. The following criteria are used in considering such content:

  • content must be relevant to the mission of this site
  • content must meet professionalism standards in language use, quality, and credibility
  • content must be published via RSS (no unauthorized scraping will be performed)
  • published content must be intact with respect to the source material, rather than just a 'teaser'

All such content will be accompanied by an appropriate copyright notice and reference back to the originating site.

User's are encouraged to rate this content using the features provided; recent, highly rated content will be represented in the block on the home page. In general, content will not be promoted to the front page, except by discreption of the system administrator.